IncludED at Home

St Giles School have produced a range of resources that they used during preiods of remote learning to support their learners. They have made these video avaiable so that other schools with pupils that have similar needs may benefit from their resource creations.

IncludED at Home - Cooking

Some simple food hygiene and preparation activities for parents/carers to try at home with their young person.

IncludED at Home - Poetry

A poem "On My Walk Today" focusing on the sensory experience of going for a walk in the woods.

IncludED at Home - Movement to Music

Some fun movement activities to music which can be used at home or at school with learners with a range of abilities and needs.

IncludED at Home - PE With Scarfs

Simple movement activities suitable for learners with a range of special needs and can be used in school or as a home learning activity.

IncludED at Home - Using Picture Exchange

A tutorial about how to use picture exchange with learners that require communication support. Helpful for parents or carers to support communication with young people at home.

IncludED at Home - The Wind in The Willows

Fun drama games based around The Wind in The Willows which could be used in school or at home with learners who have complex needs.

IncludED at Home - Reading (The Secret)

A story "The Secret" which has been shared with learners to support engagement with literacy while learning at home.

IncludED at Home - Sensory Boxes

Some simple ideas for creating sensory boxes which can be used at school or home to support learners with a range of sensory needs.

IncludED at Home - Sensory Bubbles

This video shows some engaging sensory activities with bubbles. These activities are suitable for school or as part of a home learning activity for young people with complex needs.

IncludED at Home - Sound and Movement

In this video, we see how to make sensory bottles. We also see a fun "Down and Up" song as well as how to offer young people with complex communication needs choices during fun activities.

IncludED at Home - Sensory Umbrella

How to create engaging sensory environments at home or school using simple objects such as umbrellas, washing pegs and a range of other materials.

IncludED at Home - Treasure Basket

Ideas for making Treasure Baskets (otherwise known as Sensory Baskets) with simple, affordable and easy to find items. This can be used to support sensory play for learners with sensory needs either at school or while learning at home during school closure.