Thematic Creativity - Thinking beside the box

Thematic Creativity - Thinking beside the box

Education is a creative endeavour, one where we apply our skills to foster interest, create sparks, and generate lightbulb moments.

This resource is for primary classroom practitioners, and those working in SEND, looking for ideas to engage their learners in different ways with various media.
You will see online resources that can be used in various ways.

Hear ideas that can help breach subject boundaries.

Discuss ways of helping learners to build their knowledge and understanding.

Introducing John Galloway - ICT, SEN and Inclusion Consultant

The session is led by John Galloway, who up until easter 2022, was the Advisory Teacher for ICT, SEN and Inclusion in Tower Hamlets

John is a specialist in the use of technology to support the inclusion of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in the curriculum. His work covers all phases of schools and learners with a very broad range of SEND.

He has devised and delivered courses at post-graduate and foundation degree levels, and taught teaching assistants at many different levels, including NVQ.

His articles have appeared in TES, Guardian, Special Children, SECED, and Special World, along with a diverse range of blogs. His several books include co-authoring, 'Learning with Mobile and Handheld Technologies' ' winner of Best Book in the 2015 Technology and Innovation Awards.