Blutick is a new kind of mathematics learning platform, carefully designed by teachers to create a safe space for students to make mistakes and learn from them, building their confidence and understanding.

Blutick puts teachers in control of their students’ learning, even at a distance. It teaches and guides students through mathematical concepts with a unique combination of video content, worked examples and interactive questions.

Instead of telling students they’re wrong, the Blutick AI system offers encouragement and meaningful help, which increases engagement and results.

What Is Blutick?

A Summary Video Introducing the Blutick platform

This short video highlights the features provided by Blutick with complete coverage for KS3 and KS4 Maths and now features unique secure online mocks compiled by Graham Cumming..

Blutick maths is now included free of charge as part of the Maths Squad service

Why Choose Blutick?

  • Watch learning happen

See how your class is progressing through tasks in real time, spot where they’re struggling, and step in when needed – all at the click of a button

  • Create your own courses

Plan ahead and create a term’s worth of tasks in one go, sharing with colleagues, assigning to classes, and reusing from year to year

  • Cut down your workload

Automatic marking, simple task setting, easy revision schedules and instant communication with students within Blutick help you manage your time and wellbeing

  • Improve learning outcomes

Blutick teaches and guides students rather than simply assessing them – use our powerful combination of videos, worked examples and interactive questions to tailor your teaching and boost student progression

  • Set practice exams online

Blutick exams are ideal for GCSE Mock Exams and revision, end of topic/year exams or even school entrance exams. Automatic marking and recommended topics for your students mean lower teacher workload and targeted work for student progression

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Blutick free for all LGfL schools?


2. I am from an LGfL school, how can I sign up for Blutick?

Email to request access to the Blutick platform included as part of the LGfL Maths Squad service.

3. Does Blutick allows students to show their workings out?

Yes! Blutick encourages students to show their working, and gives them helpful AI feedback on every line (with the exception of our Exams feature).

Check out this student guide to completing exams, and this video walkthrough.

Click here to see a teacher guide to viewing a student’s full working on a standard task.

4. Does Blutick mark students work accurately?

On average, the mark given by the Blutick Exams feature is within 10% of the true mark. We recommend that teachers check through their students’ exams and award/remove marks if they feel the automatic marking hasn’t got it quite right.

Click HERE to view Part 1 - How does the Blutick self-marking exam system work?

Click HERE to view Part 2 - How does the Blutick self-marking exam system work ?

5. How do the results of the Blutick secure mock get analysed?

Use the Exam Summary page to see an overview of your students’ work and access the full working completed by any individual student. Click here for a guide to setting and reviewing Blutick Exams.

6. How is it possible to administer a secure mock remotely using Blutick?

It is possible to administer one of the LGfL Secure Mock examinations assembled by Maths Assessment expert Graham Cumming.

Click here to view the summary video

A truly secure remote exam would involve a great deal of time and expense. However, using video conference software alongside a Blutick Exam may help students to feel something of the nature of a formal examination. Check out the Blutick guide to delivering an exam using video conference software here.

7. What age students can Blutick be used for?

Blutick can be used with both Keystage3 and Key Stage 4 Students.

8. How can I access the results of the secure mock via Blutick?

The Exam Summary page provides teachers with information on each of their students, including total time spent on the exam, number of questions completed, number of attempts at the exam, and the overall mark and grade achieved by each student.

Additional analysis can be provided via the SchoolVue analytics platform.

If you would like to access this feature - please email the Maths Squad team on

9. Can the Blutick platform be used offline?

Yes! Click here for a summary video explains how Blutick can be used offline.

10. How does Blutick provide feedback to students?

For Exams, just like teachers, students have an Exam Summary page from which they can see their overall mark and the individual marks per question, alongside their own working. Click here for a student guide to Blutick Exams.

For everyday maths practice, Blutick provides AI feedback on every line of students’ working so they can see exactly where they’re going wrong, receive encouragement when they’re correct, and develop their confidence throughout. See this in action here.