Busy Things and J2E Account Configuration

How to set up your LGfL USO account for Busy Things and J2E

In order to use LGfL USO logins with the certain resources, a school will first need to ensure that the Head Teacher has approved the "Federation Data Release" declaration via the Support Site. There is a two-step process in the release of data:

Step 1: Head Teacher approves data release

The Head Teacher needs to follow this procedure after logging into the the LGfL Support Site.

Click My Account on the menu, then Declaration Management

From the Declaration drop down select Federation Data Release

Then click Approve

Step 2: Enable release of data for each application

Click User Account from the menu,then Federation Data Release

Toggle the slider against Busy Things so that a green ‘Enabled’ status is shown.

Toggle the slider against J2E so that a green ‘Enabled’ status is shown.

The change will take effect within just a few minutes and USO logins will start working.

Who can authorise data release?

Only the Head Teacher or the Head Teacher proxy (delegated Head Teacher permission authority) of an establishment, as the data controller must authorise data release.