A school using ScholarPack can export data using USO-AutoUpdate. There is no need for the school to install any software.

The following reports are currently supported:




•Registration Groups



Setup Process

To setup integration between ScholarPack and USO the school must do the following:

1. Login to the Support Site and visit User Accounts >> AutoUpdate settings and select ScholarPack

2.Select the reports you wish to export and click Save.

3.Click on the link that appears.

4. Please complete the details on the page that appears, that will look like the following. These details can be checked within ScholarPack if you are unsure.

5. After reading the message, press confirm to approve the data release from ScholarPack to USO.

6. You will then be able to redirected back to the support website where you can activate reports or with the 'Attendance' reports, set up a schedule.