Serco CMIS

For AutoUpdate to work successfully the following steps (which are outlined in detail in the sections that follow) need to be taken:

•AutoUpdate needs to be activated and reports accepted by the Head Teacher via the AutoUpdate settings page in the support site.

•The software needs to be downloaded from the link given below and installed in your school.

•A test report needs to be run from within the AutoUpdate software.

•A scheduled task for the data export needs to be created within the AutoUpdate software.

Setting up AutoUpdate

After reports are accepted they are marked with a green square. You can now install the software and schedule the data to be regularly exported.

The settings page can be configured either before or after AutoUpdate software is installed though it is recommended that the settings are accepted prior to software installation. This is only intended to simplify the process and will not affect functionality.

If the AutoUpdate software has been installed on your server before the Head consents to the data exports, the "installation completed" screen will state that all exports are disabled until accepted by the Head Teacher or a Headteacher proxy through the USO Support Site.

If software is not yet installed and the settings are configured first, you will be able to run reports and set scheduled tasks as part of the installation process.

The Headteacher or Proxy will need to log in and review the page at

The following information will be displayed:

  • the licence key for your AutoUpdate software (for easy reference if needed)

  • a history of data exports will be listed under Upload History (on the left) once exports have begun

  • reports (accepted, available to be accepted and not available)