Understanding the multi-agency safeguarding hub

In summer 2021, we ran a live Q&A for school safeguarding leads to find out more about the workings of multi-agency safeguarding hubs: how can we better understand and work with health, social care and police colleagues? And what should we look out for as we start the new school year?

Find this page again at meetthemash.lgfl.net

Many thanks to London Councils and to the experts who joined us: Alison Renouf (London Councils), Liz Symmonds (Met Police), Teresa Hills (Wandsworth Social Care), Priscilla Kurewa (Hounslow Social Care), Menna Emmanuel (Central London NHS Trust)

Meet the MASH - individual questions

What actually happens in a MASH on a day to day basis?

What do the police actually do within a MASH?

What do health representatives do within a MASH?

How do I understand thresholds better and should I make a referral if I don’t think it will meet threshold?

What makes a good child protection referral?

What top tips can you give to school staff joining a child protection conference?

What changes in concerns and trends have you noticed since covid lockdowns?

Why has elective home education become more of a concern?

Why is it significant that the Domestic Abuse Bill has now passed to become an Act?

What do schools need to know about Operation Encompass?

What do schools need to be aware of after the Ofsted review into sexual abuse?

Should we refer racism to MASH?

What should schools be looking out for this year?

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NB - if you want to catch up with the previous Meet the MASH, which we held in May 2020 after only a couple of months of Covid, you can watch it here. It covers some similar topics but from a slightly different perspective if you want a recap.