LGfL is delighted to announce a new partnership with Impero for its suite of monitoring and other safeguarding tools. We will soon be contacting schools with details of how to subscribe. This new 'appropriate monitoring' service will help schools comply with Keeping Children Safe in Education and complement our existing WebScreen and HomeProtect solutions for appropriate filtering.

What is monitoring?

An appropriate monitoring system allows all devices across all operating systems (in school and at home) to be constantly monitored to flag markers of child abuse, grooming (sexual, criminal, extremism), bullying, mental health & self-harm, radicalisation and much more...which might otherwise never have been spotted. Impero and LGfL are working together to help keep children safe in new ways and we are very excited about this new partnership.

Do we need monitoring and who's it for?

Keeping Children Safe in Education tells schools to provide 'appropriate' filtering and monitoring. LGfL has long been well-known for its filtering with WebScreen and HomeProtect, but now we are delighted to round out our safeguarding technology protections with student monitoring.

The package includes:

  • Impero Wellbeing (for monitoring)

  • Impero Backdrop (for logging off/online safeguarding concerns and creating chronologies)

  • Impero Classroom (for classroom management)

It is very much a suite of tools designed for the safeguarding team to integrate into and improve their daily practice for keeping children safe.

What does Impero Wellbeing do?

The Impero Wellbeing monitoring solution provides powerful keyword detection tools to capture, record and identify early warning signs of harmful online behavior and access to worring content such as suicide, mental health, eating disorders, bullying, and many other sensitive topics on school devices.

The software detects these keywords in real-time, capturing them for review by the safeguarding team. The contextual information provided (the “who, what, when and why”) allows staff to build a full picture of the capture and intervene early if necessary.

Monitoring is an ongoing process and concerns are rarely isolated to a single student. Impero Wellbeing offers powerful visual reporting to ensure that staff have full visibility of contextual data, student characteristics and trends across all high-level concern categories. Staff can delve into granular reporting at student, yeargroup or LA/MAT level to provide them with the information they need to keep students safe.

What are the benefits?

How do I sign up and what does it cost?

We will be contacting schools shortly to give them more details of how they can access the tool at unbeatable prices, saving schools money and helping them to keep children safe wherever they are.