Ofsted, KCSIE and other guidance

We all know that Keeping Children Safe in Education is the key statutory document from the Department for Education, and schools are always keen to know what Ofsted has to say about safeguarding, so we have put together KCSIE and Ofsted overviews and recent changes (currently being updated so check back again soon) for DSLs and also to help with all-staff training.

Before you simply click through to Ofsted or KCSIE, are you are also aware of the documents below which have an influence on how schools are asked to keep children safe.

This guidance was published in February 2022 and whilst not primarily a safeguarding document, relates to aspects of safeguarding, particularly Prevent, but also other areas where critical thinking about what you see or receive online could help young people spot efforts to groom them.

Read the whole document - it is not long - but here are a few snippets with highlighted elements which stood out to us. You could present these screenshots to all staff as part of inset (use the scenarios in the document too).

⬆️ Remember we offer Prevent training with the latest updates (safetraining.lgfl.net)

⬆️ Are your teachers ready / prepared / empowered to do this? fakenews.lgfl.net may help.

⬆️ Check our page onlinesafetyprinciples.lgfl.net for more on approaches (then head to saferesources.lgfl.net for curated resources)

⬆️ There's a great document that can help with this. Find the UKCIS document called 'Using External Visitors to Support Online Safety Education' from this page.