Responding to Prevent risks in the education sector

This webinar with the UK National Prevent Coordinator was livestreamed in collaboration with the DfE in August 2020 to convey the impact of Covid 19 on Prevent, and outline practical suggestions and tools to support Local Authority Prevent Teams to respond to Prevent risks in the education sector.

Below are the presentations and a selection of links and resources from the event:

The video includes 3 sections. Hit play for part 1 or click the titles below for sections 2 or 3.

  1. Impact of C19 on Prevent and extremist responses

  2. Practical Prevent Implementation, a whole school approach

  3. BBC Bitesize – Fact or Fake Campaign

In the first of our follow-up sessions, we met with Professor Lyn Davies from Connect Futures to talk about effective educational approaches to counter violent terrorism.

The session includes clips from Connect Futures films - watch them and others in full and find out more about the work of Connect Futures here.

Our final session was with Victoria Baker from Newswise at the National Literacy Trust.

Victoria referenced the News Literacy Network resources and the Literacy Trust's Fake News page, plus the Guardian's Newswise section.

Further useful links and resources:

Department for Education:


BBC Bitesize: