There are often only a few minutes for an all-staff safeguarding slot, but a regular dripfeed approach is often best anyway. So to make the most of those precious 5 minutes at the start of the staff briefing, why not use one of our ready-to-use Spotlight videos with stimulus and discussion questions to keep safeguarding at the top of everyone's agenda?

Chicken-Shop Grooming

Do staff appreciate how easy this type of grooming can take place? Show this quick scenario and get them talking...and thinking.

Appropriate Language

Language matters - if we say a 12 year old is a risk-taker or has a 20 year old boyfriend, we may not be naming vulnerability or abuse.

Staying Alert

Safeguarding is a jigsaw - it's everyone's responsibility to notice things and pass them on. What do your staff notice day to day?

Prevent / Radicalisation: Never ignoring a concern

Ignoring concerns can lead to: "detention for dropping a milkshake but nothing when I told a teacher to go back where she came from."

Prevent / Radicalisation: Extremism vs British Values

Extremism is defined by as the opposition to British Values, but what does that mean in our school? Do students embrace these values?

Bullying: do we take the small things seriously enough?

Picking up on things which 'might be nothing', may stop them escalating. What do we teach about online sharing, banter and snitching?

This is a new series. Let us know at what you think and what topic we should offer next.


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