LGfL Annual Conference

Fantastic guest speakers from the DfE and NCSC, along with Legends of Learning

Dave McPartlin

Kelly Hannaghan

Bukky Yusuf

Al Kingsley

Vic Goddard

Cat Scutt

Come and meet with innovators and partners in our Tech Village

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Full Programme

09:00 to 09:10

Dave Smith

Head of Content, BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association)

John Jackson

CEO, LGfL - The National Grid for Learning

09:10 to 09:30

Vic Goddard

A pause for thought - Is technology making our children selfish?

What do TikTok and selfies say about how our young people see themselves and the world? Vic will spend time thinking about how the pandemic and the greater access to technology could be affecting our young people and offer (some) solutions to avoid the negatives.

09:30 to 09:50

Cat Scutt

Harnessing the power of teacher collaboration - in person and online

Opportunities for teacher collaboration can contribute to job satisfaction and help teachers to become more effective, contributing to improved pupil outcomes. But what does ‘collaboration’ actually mean?

This session looks at what the research tells us about what makes effective teacher collaboration – as well as what doesn’t. From teacher learning communities to coaching to social media, we’ll explore how opportunities for effective teacher collaboration can be developed within and across schools.

09:50 to 10:10

Kelly Hannaghan

The importance of human connection for wellbeing in schools

During this keynote, Kelly Hannaghan will take you on a journey that will map out the importance of contextual wellbeing to solve and aid recovery and balance, for the future of wellbeing in education. Discover what's going on, how we got here and what we can do to move forward in shaping a resilient school culture.

10:10 to 10:30


School Awareness and Response to the Emerging Cyberthreat Landscape

In the NCSC keynote they will outline who they are and how they’re supporting schools. They will discuss who may be targeting schools and why, provide information about ransomware and how you can mitigate against it and highlight the wealth of free resources that they have available for schools

10:30 to 10:50

Tech Village Marketplace / Morning Break / Meet the Teams who deliver


10:50 to 11:20

Get the Maximum Firepower from Your Firewall

Jamie Firmager, Adept

Set up Sophos for success…and achieve a glowing end-of-year security school report

Gareth Jelley and Arturo Dell

Computing research and how it affects the Curriculum

Bradley Dardis

Lets Localise - Building Positive Relationships between Schools and Business

Guarav Garg

Getting it right: IT Strategy and the Digital Transformation Framework

Richard Martin


11:25 to 11:55

Tech meets safeguarding in KCSIE 2022, SchoolProtect & why DSLs need to care about decryption

Mark Bentley, LGfL

The Co-op's IT Transformation - The Story So Far

Jim Fessey, Co-op

Immersive Technology for All - Sandbox AR & iPad

Bob Usher and Simon Pile

Why we need to talk about resilience - the new way for wellbeing in schools

Kelly Hannaghan

Five Great Ideas for Using Just2easy in Your Primary Classroom

Charlie White


12:00 to 12:30

Cybersecurity Expert Panel - Your chance to ask questions to DfE and the National Cyber Security Centre

Mark Bentley, DfE and NCSC

Making the Most of Malwarebytes

Gareth Jelley & Claudio Tosi

Maximising the Impact of LGfL Curriculum Support and EdTech in Your School

Bob Usher

Overcoming Your Technophobia's

Osi Ejiofor

The Big EdTech Trends and What it Means for Schools

Joshua Perry

12:30 to 13:10

Tech Village Marketplace / Break / Meet the Teams who deliver


13:15 to 13:45

Top Ten Tips to Make Your School Cybersecure Throughout the Entire Value Chain with LGfL

Mark Bentley, LGfL

DigiSafe Roundup - Keep Children Safe and Safer With Our Resources, Advice and Policies

Mubina Asaria

Making the Most of BusyThings

Laura Smith

Inclusive Practices for All

Marie Beale, Whitefield Primary

Getting Digital Strategy Embedded Across MATs

Cheryl Shirley, LEO and Stephen Schwartz, Inspire


13:50 to 14:20

The Launch of the LGfL Online Safety Audit Tool - have you done yours?

Mark Bentley, LGfL

Find Your Security Weakspots & Tighten Your Policies with the LGfL Elevate Cybersecurity Toolkit

Gareth Jelley

The death of tickbox tech and the birth of tech as a tool in the EYFS

Bradley Dardis

Learning from sharing and Collaboration

Ben Brown, EdRoundtables

Where next for EdTech?

Panel Discussion chaired by Ty Goddard. Panel includes Osi Ejiofor, Steve Schwartz, Marie Beale and Paul Edge

12:30 to 13:10

Tech Village Marketplace / Break / Meet the Teams who deliver

14:40 to 15:00

David McPartlin

Dare to Dream

This session will look at what happens when we give ourselves full permission to actively pursue our wildly ambitious aspirations. Giving you real-life examples so you can look at what that really means to you and your students. As well as looking at how this can inspire students to do the same, and what impact can this have on our children, schools, and communities

15:00 to 15:20

Ty Goddard

Looking Back to Look Forwards

During lockdowns, remote teaching and learning what did we learn? - how does policy in England need to support the adoption and use of Edtech?

15:20 to 15:40

Department for Education

Cybersecurity in Schools - the Challenges and Strategic Leadership Response

The Department for Education will be joining us to help schools understand what is expected from them in terms of cybersecurity, with practical tips on: why cybersecurity is a strategic issue, how to improve communication between technical teams and senior leaders, what information to share with governors and how, and what are the key steps to take now.

15:40 to 16:00

Al Kingsley

Taking your Digital ambitions forwards

Look at how to move from plan into action, reviewing what technology already has impact and how to select new, evidence informed solutions for your setting.

16:00 to 16:20

Bukky Yusuf

Celebrating the teaching profession and EdTech

In this session, Bukky Yusuf will review some of the educational challenges that EdTech helped to overcome and the role that teachers played in this. She will also explore how EdTech provides educators with the opportunity for continued celebrations in the future.

16:20 to 16:40

Dave Smith

Head of Content, BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association)

John Jackson

CEO, LGfL - The National Grid for Learning

16:40 to 18:00

Tech Village Meet

Have a drink, network and meet the innovators of education

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