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Fax Service

An electronic fax service that integrates with staff email

The Fax Service is available to LGfL schools as an optional extra service.

Why the LGfL Fax Service?

Send faxes online via a secure site

No need for an extra fax line or fax machine

Receive faxes conveniently via email

Secure online management site

Full history of sent and received faxes

Establishment-wide & personal online phonebook functionality

'Click to Fax' integration with online phonebook

Save money in paper and toner costs

Electronic Fax Service Details

LGfL is able to offer schools a quick and convenient method for sending and receiving faxes electronically.

The Fax Service allows an establishment to send and receive faxes from one computer to another, without a fax machine, thus eliminating the need for an extra phone line and physical fax machine with its added paper and toner costs.

The service is secure, convenient and easy to use. For schools also using the LGfL IP Telephony service, the fax service has no set-up charges.

Save more than you spend and keep children safe

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