Neverware CloudReady

Bridging the Divide by Making Old Kit Great Again

Neverware's CloudReady operating system is built to run on almost any computer from the last 13 years, turning them into fast, secure devices using the same technology foundation as Chromebooks.

Installing CloudReady breathes new life into old hardware, enabling schools to get extra use out of devices that may otherwise sit collecting dust.

LGfL's CEO, John Jackson explains the "no-brainer" benefits of Neverware including low startup costs and easy deployment.

Ask yourself how else could you build and deploy a computer suite for 30 children for less than £1000!!!

LGfL, Google and Neverware Partnership

LGfL has partnered with Neverware for a number of years and this innovative collaboration has delivered one of the largest deployments of Cloud Ready in the world.

By converting tens of thousands of devices stuck in cupboards or destined for landfill sites LGfL has saved schools millions of pounds and helped the environment.

With the takeover of Neverware by Google, LGfL have negotiated a new deal for schools that ensures that schools who have claimed their Neverware Licences by 6th March 2021 will continue to enjoy the benefits of Cloud Ready for years to come.

LGfL Lets Get Digital broadband customers only have to pay the first year licence fee, the annual recurring cost is free for up to 60 licences for Primary schools and 180 licences for secondary schools.

If you are not a LGfL Lets Get Digital Broadband customer or need more licences, you can still purchase licences with a low first year cost, and recurring annual cost, which is a significant saving on the RRP.

Case Studies

What are the benefits of using Cloud Ready by Neverware?

Will Smith from Neverware and Oli Trussell from LGfL explain the positive impact in the classroom from the adoption of the Cloud Ready product and the new confidence teachers have to use devices that previously had lost their value.

How easy was it to convert your old laptops to chrome books using Neverware Cloud Ready

Jimmy Jenkins (Ranelagh Primary School) explains how easy it was to convert older laptops into fast chrome books.

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