LGfL is working with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC, part of GCHQ) to take a snapshot of the state of cybersecurity in all UK schools. Can you help shape the UK's response to the threats schools face and help us equip you to meet your training needs? All we ask is for one member of each school to take five minutes to answer a few multiple choice questions.

The survey will only take five minutes to complete but will help to inform shape and improve the UK’s response to cyber security support in education. Make sure that schools like yours are fully represented by taking part - please complete the audit now / return to this page at securityaudit.lgfl.net

For an idea of how the data will be used, scroll down to take a look at the two reports below with the outcomes of our 2019 audit, which were also used to inform this NCSC cybersecurity training course for school staff.

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Why not check out NCSC's cyber security support for schools or education support for secondaries?

Following the audit, LGfL carried out further analysis to produce a report with next steps for schools and insights from key partners such as Sophos, Malwarebytes, Egress and Cisco. You can read this below (please note this document is by LGfL and not NCSC advice).

  • Data protection: we are not collecting personal data but please take note of our Privacy Statement to see how we comply with data protection legislation to keep your data safe and anonymous. We have also worked with data-protection experts to ensure this survey is run in a compliant manner and protects the rights of all concerned, and have compiled a detailed 'Data Protection Impact Assessment' (DPIA).