WebScreen Support 

WebScreen How to Videos

Inital Setup - Creating a User Group 

This short video outlines how to create and edit a user group in WebScreen. As well as editing existing users group associations. 

Initial Setup - Policy Group Creation 

A short guide on how to create a new policy group on WebScreen. 

Inital Setup - IP Definition

Learn how to create and define a new IP range.

Active Directory Integration - Step 1 

A step by step guide to setting up the WebScreen application onto your network and adding the log in script. 

Active Directory Integration - Step 2 

A Step by Step guide to setting up your Active Directory link into the WebScreen Portal. 

WebScreen Dashboard

An overview of what is displayed on the WebScreen dashboard and understand the functions that the dashboard serves. 

Categories Overview

A short overview showing how to view all the categories and how they are assigned, edit the assigned policies to update your categories. 

Bundles Overview

In this video we will cover what the system and establishment bundles are, and how to create and edit them in WebScreen. 

Reporting Overview 

An overview of how to create reports for scheduled or on-demand reports, learn how to restrict reports, the frequency of these reports and how to run IP based or user based reports. 

System Bundles 

An Overview of system bundles, how to assign and withdraw bundles from policies. 

How to target/activate a Policy Group 

Understand how to target a USO user group or IP address to a policy group and activate a policy group for a specific user group in Webscreen with this short guide. 

Adding a new URL/Keyword entry to your filtering 

Understand how to add a new URL or keyword entry to block or allow to your local list in Webscreen.