Creative Cloud and Creative Cloud Express FAQs

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LGfL Deal

What does the LGfL / Adobe partnership mean for schools?

Schools and Academies can get access to the full range of Adobe Creative Cloud software. Schools can request licences through the Adobe licence claim form. Additional licences can be purchased by schools above and beyond the free allocation. Adobe Express for Education with Premium Features is free to all schools, with no limit on the number of licences.

We are not a school; can we still get Adobe Licences?

Not through the LGfL deal, K-12 Licences that are on offer are only available to educational institutes that meet Adobe’s eligibility criteria

Is this offer open to Sixth form students?

Yes, Eligibility for secondary education between 11 and 16 years old, or they go on to “upper secondary” or “sixth form”, where 16-year-old to 18-year-old teens prepare for university. Eligibility also includes standalone sixth form colleges under this agreement

Is this offer open to nurseries?

No, K-12 licence covers legally public or private primary schools providing full-time education. Even though children aged 5 can still be in nurseries, K12 eligibility does not start until they reach full-time primary reception classes

Is the offer open to Staff and Students?


I’m not an LGfL customer, can I still get access to Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Cloud Express?

Yes, you can purchase licences, even if you are not currently an LGfL customer. Please note these schools would not get free licences. Schools can request a quote from the Adobe licence claim form. Adobe Express is free to all schools, pupils and staff.

Can the licences be used outside of the UK?

This is possible within Europe-Middle East and Africa regions.

How do I request licences?

Schools can request access to licences through the Adobe license claim form.

What if I need more licences?

Schools will be able to purchase additional licences, they will be charged for these on their next annual LGfL bill. Schools can request a quote for extra licences through the Adobe licence claim form.

How much are additional Adobe licences?

Quotes can be given through the Adobe Licence Request Form. This gives the users access to all the Adobe Creative Cloud apps both at school and at home.

I already have some licences that our school purchased directly, what happens to these?

These continue as per previously signed agreements, we can’t transfer licences into the new LGfL agreement and would need to continue to be managed on your current Adobe licence managemnet Console.

What is Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark)?

Adobe Express for Education is a collection of creative tools that are aimed at younger users available online in a browser and as mobile apps. It makes it fast and easy for students and teachers to turn ideas into beautiful graphics, web stories, and video presentations. For more information,

How do we get access to Creative Cloud Express?

Through the Adobe license claim form, the LGfL deal allows unlimited Spark licences for Schools, pupils and teachers.


Are device licences or shared device licences available?

The licenses available are Named User Licences. Schools can also purchase Shared Device Licences through LGfL without a minimum purchase quantity on the Adobe Licence Request Form.

We currently use (old) Device licences for Adobe, can we continue to use these?

Adobe products installed under a device licence cannot co-exist with Products installed under a named user licence on the same device. To switch from device licence to named user, all Adobe software needs to be removed and reinstalled, using the Name user licence package which is available through your school’s Adobe console once set up. It is possible to use Shared Device Licences and Named User Licences on the same machines.

We currently use Shared Device/Named User licences for Adobe, can we continue to use these?

Yes. Please contact Adobe for support managing the users across two Admin Consoles.

What are Named User licences?

The offer is on a “Named User Licence” basis, this means that everyone who wants to use the software requires an email address, and access to emails, as they will have to set their own password. Schools can use accounts with or domains, but this has to be requested via the Adobe Console.

Who will manage named users?

Schools will need to nominate 2 or more Adobe Administrators that will manage the user licences (adding users, removing users etc.) for their school.

Can the school use a generic user account and share them?

No, we can only set up named users, they can not be generic, and account can not be shared.

What if our pupils don’t have access to an email account?

G-Suite or Microsoft Office 365 email accounts could be used to create email account for students that want to access Adobe products.

Can I install and access Adobe software on a personal device?

Each user with a named user licence can install the software on multiple computers regardless of operating system. They can activate Adobe Creative Cloud on up to two computers and use the software on one computer at a time

How do staff and students log into more devices, if they can only activate 2 devices at a time?

The activation and deactivation process requires users to actively log out of Adobe Creative Cloud when they are finished using it on a shared PC, so that they are able to log into another PC.


How do I deploy the Adobe software?

Schools will need to decide the deployment model, create packages and deploy software to the devices. Please refer to the IT Admin page for further advice and resources. Once a user has been allocated a licence, they will be able to log into the Adobe Creative Cloud application and access the software from any device.

Can we use single sign to access Adobe Creative Cloud?

Single Sign On is possible and recommended for schools who have standardised on Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Google Cloud identity. In case the school is not using Microsoft of Google identifies, Enterprise IDs allows users to sign in using their school email account, but it will be a different password.

Are any technical changes required to access the software?

If your school is not using Azure AD Federation and Sync or Google Federation and Sync, a DNS entry needs to be added so the Adobe Creative Cloud service recognises your school domain. LGfL can support you with the domain verification process.

Our school or MAT has more than one email domain that students and teachers use.

It is possible to set up multiple email domains to be recognised by Adobe to allow users to login from different ones.

We already have an Adobe Console set up for our school for existing Adobe users, can we still access the licences?

Yes, LGfL can still set up your licences on the LGfL admin console and you will be given access to administer them. You will have to log into each Adobe Console separately. Please contact Adobe for support managing the users across two Admin Consoles.

Can Adobe Creative Cloud be installed in a thin client environment?

Adobe has conducted limited testing of some Creative Cloud products in virtualized or server-based environments, for more information.

Security and Privacy

What is the privacy policy?

This will be referenced in order process, where you will be able to review the LGfL service privacy policy as well as the Adobe privacy policy

Where is content stored?

User’s content is store in the Adobe Creative Cloud, so that it can be accessed from any logged in device. Each user has 2GB of cloud storage.

What do schools need to sign up for?

A senior member of school staff will need to sign an agreement that governs the use of the licenses within the school, this would most likely be the headteacher or a senior manager in a MAT residing over multiple schools.

Teaching and Support

Will schools get onboarding support?

You will be provided with resources covering the basics of the service and how to use the Adobe Admin portal, including some short videos to get you started. Once you have been given your login details and access to the Admin Console, LGfL Customer Service Team will send you the necessary links.

Is there technical support available?

LGfL Schools can request Adobe support through their Admin Console: 24 x 7 x 365 unlimited technical support is available through phone, chat or email. Adobe support resolves technical issues and also usage related topics.

Through the Admin Console, schools can also request Expert Sessions, that are 30-minute learning sessions with Adobe Experts covering over 100 topics including new features, best practices, advice for complex tasks, workflows, and more. Expert Sessions are scheduled by appointment for the administrators. Schools can also reach out to for any requests they may have.

Will teachers get training?

Any teacher for an LGfL school can register for a F2F training through the LGfL training calendar.

The Adobe Education Exchange offers free professional development opportunities, lesson plans, curriculum assets, peer-to-peer collaboration, and much more. If you want to learn a bit more about Premiere Rush CC or maybe Digital Storytelling, this is your place to go!

LGfL Learning Resource Consultants (LRC) are available at no extra charge to support the effective use of LGfL Learning Services in schools. LRC’s are able to visit teachers and senior leaders in school to the development of new approaches to delivering the curriculum using digital technology. Support will be tailored to meet the needs of the individuals or groups of schools.