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Delivery Information

Before devices are delivered

If you have purchased the “white gloves” commissioning service from CDW your device will arrive configured for you, CDW should have contacted you to obtain the information required to configure the devices. If you have not had contact with CDW regarding this, please call 020 7791 6900.

If you have not ordered the commissioning service from CDW, please ensure that you have arranged for your technical support provider to set up the devices when they arrive and that you have ordered device licences if you need them.

Should you need advice regarding this or wish to discuss our device commissioning service, please contact us as soon as possible at

Please note that devices will not be shipped to schools or multi academy trusts that have purchase Chrome Licences until we have confirmed details of the Google domain to apply them to. Please make sure that this information is supplied to the team, to avoid shipment delays.

Dispatch of devices

Schools will be notified once the devices have been dispatched and should arrive within 3 working days of the dispatch date.

For larger volume orders, your devices will arrive on pallets, so the #BridgeTheDivide team will contact you to check delivery and access requirements.

Trolleys will be dispatched separately from devices with the intention that they arrive in time for you to set them up before the devices arrives, for details on how to set up your trolley visit -

Upon delivery of devices

Once the equipment arrives, please check the delivery and advise us within 14 working days of any discrepancies with the order by calling 020 7791 6900.

Devices come with standard 1-year manufacturer's warranty and these have been registered automatically.

For schools that have purchased extended warranties, these will also be registered automatically.

Faulty Devices

If your device fails within 30 days of delivery this will be managed as a DOA or "Dead on Arrival" and will be swapped out for a new device.

If the device fails after 30 days it will be managed under the appropriate warranty arrangement.

In either case, please email, providing the serial number of the device and details of the nature of the fault.

Deployment Guides

The Beginners guide to Chromebooks and G-Suite set up.

A beginner video to explain what G-suite Education is and what Chromebooks are to allow you to understand and make the most of your Chromebooks.

The Intermediate guide to Chromebooks and G-Suite set up.

An Intermediate level video for those that have Google G-Suite education and now want to get started with it.

The Advanced guide to Chromebooks and G-Suite set up.

An advanced video for those that have Google G suite for Education and are familiar with the interface of it. It is also aimed at those that have received their Chromebooks.

Contact us for help


For any concerns regarding deliveries please contact

020 7791 6900

Device Commissioning

If you need help, please contact us as soon as possible at

DOI and Warranty

For dead on arrival devices or warranty claims please email the device serial number and the nature of the fault to:

Extended Warranty

Extended warranty registrations must be made at:

Laptop Bags

Issues relating to bags should be logged online here:

Charging Trolleys

For matters relating to the charging trolleys should be logged online here:

Sales and Purchases

For sales and purchase enquiries call the #BridgeTheDivideTeam on 020 7791 6900 or email

Anything Else

For any other queries or support please contact Bridge the Divide Customer Success Manager, Steven Smith

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