Leasing Service

Accelerate your Digital Strategy.

LGfL is delighted to be able to offer, via our strategic partnership with Freedom Technology, access to leasing services that will enable schools to invest significantly in new technology for your school or MAT.

Why Lease?

Technology is helping schools with remote learning and improving outcomes for children.

There are also lots of case studies demonstrating how IT can also reduce burdens by streamlining processes and enabling collaboration.

Leasing offers the opportunity to spread the capital costs of major investments over a number of years.

This means schools can invest NOW in new technology for the school rather than waiting a long time to build up sufficient capital.

Alternatively, schools may wish to avoid significant depletion of the school’s reserves and cash position.

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Leasing is currently available for Chromebooks and Winbooks.

The Service will be extended to cover wireless networks, LAN equipment, servers, software, and other licences.