LGfL Leasing - Making Technology Affordable

How to accelerate your school's digital strategy with leasing

The Leasing Options

We have leasing options available to help build the right device programme for you, your pupils, and your budget. Driven by affordable monthly payments, our commitment to helping you make digital learning inclusive is always the same.

Get the tech you need now without the upfront investment with a cost-effective device leasing programme, helping you to make a large roll out affordable.

Option 1 with additional peace of mind. This option is backed with warranty and accidental damage protection (ADP) to ensure as little lost learning time as possible in the event of unintended damage to the device.

The option allows parents to fund the devices for students in the classroom, at potentially zero cost to your school.

Case studies on the positive impact of increased device ratios on teaching and learning

Leasing FAQ's

  1. What type of leasing is available?

As per the Academies Financial Handbook the only type of lease that is available to schools/academies is an operating lease.

2. What is an operating lease?

An operating lease is an agreement to use and operate an asset without the transfer of ownership.

3. Is this a compliant operating lease?

This is entirely down to the school/academy to determine, however we have had numerous programmes signed off by the ESFA and can put you in touch with reference sites upon request.

4. Who owns the kit?

During the period of the lease the kit is owned by the lessor.

5. What happens at the end of the 3 years?

The school has complete flexibility at the end of the 3yr period and has the following options available:

1) Return the equipment and upgrade to new equipment on a new agreement

2) Return the equipment and end the agreement

3) Pay a one off fee for use of the equipment in perpetuity

4) Extend the contract for a new term

6. What is our Advance Repair Service?

If your device is unable to work for whatever reason it will be repaired and sent back to the student/school.

7. Is our Advanced Repair Service compulsory?

No, however we do recommend a school does consider our Advanced Repair Service as this offers the school peace of mind for 3 years with a seamless collect and repair service. Our team is more than happy to discuss through the benefits if you would like to find out more information.

8. What is the average turn around on repairs on leasing devices?

The average turnaround on a repair is circa 4 days dependent on the repair. As a school you have access to an online portal allowing you to track and see the progress throughout. If opting for our premium FTAS solution, Freedom Tech will put spare stock on site allowing you to instantly swap out a device whilst the broken device goes off for repair meaning there is no downtime for the student.