LGfL Parent Contribution Leasing Option

Denbigh High School harnessed the parent contribution leasing option to roll out a 1:1 device scheme.

Director of Technology for Learning for the Chiltern Learning Trust, Emma Darcy, explains how Denbigh High School maximised strong parental engagement to help secure a major acceleration on of investment in devices for all learners.

What made Denbigh High School consider the 1:1 Programme funded by Parental Contributions?

Pilot project success

'The benefits were so huge at the end of the year for that particular group, we felt this was something that we really needed to roll out across the whole school.'

What was involved in rolling out the 1 to 1 programme?

Parental Engagement was key

'We had between two thirds and three quarters of the parents in each group saying, yes, this was something they really would like to get on board with.'

Why did you choose LGfL and Freedom Tech?

So many benefits!

We did not want our school finance team to have to be managing the day to day process of collecting payments and chasing parents. We needed a company that would take that on and do that for us.’

How much work is required day to day to run the 1:1 programme?

Everything is covered!

'If that device is damaged in school, it's covered. If it gets damaged on the way home, it is covered. It's all covered!'

What impact have you seen from every child having a device?

Equipping our pupils with the skills for the future

'We want every one of our pupils to leave their schools with skills that are going to allow them to access the jobs of their choice when they go to the next step on their career journey and into the world of work'

What advice would you give to any other schools considering running the programme?

Get the parental engagement right

'One of the most important lessons we learnt was taking that time to speak to parents and to get them on board with the scheme; get that right and it hugely pays dividends'

How did you secure parental support for your programme roll out?

Understanding the rationale for adoption

'We wanted to explain to them how it fitted as part of the school's digital strategy. We wanted to be able to reassure parents that this was not going to disadvantage people in terms of reading, writing, numeracy or the other really important skills that they needed to have'

How to do manage responsible use of devices with students?

Establishing a code of conduct

‘When we brought the devices into the school, we realised that we needed to have a really clear set of standards and expectations for pupils relating to how these devices were to be used both in school and home. We developed our own Chromebook Code user' management code'

How do you use devices in an inclusive way?

Anytime, anywhere learning for all

'We are able to ensure that all students have all the learning material that was used in school, at home, all the time anytime, anywhere'

How has the Bridge the Divide helped your school?

Bridge the Divide programme this year has been absolutely invaluable for us

'We were just incredibly grateful for the Bridge the Divide scheme from LGfL, because it meant that we were still able to access those devices through the partnership with Freedom Tech..'

FAQs on the Parental Contribution Option

2. Will there be any credit checks for parents?

No, every parent is approved.

3. How do parents make payments?

Payments will be made via Direct Debit using an online portal provided and administered by Freedom Tech. You will also have the ability to pay a single one off payment if you would prefer not to spread the cost.

4. What is the cost to the school for running the programme?

There is no cost to a school as the programme is cost neutral and can also be spread over time by using an operating lease

5. What is the average turn around on a repairs?

The average turnaround on a repair is circa 4 days dependant on the repair. As a school you have access to an online portal allowing you to track and see the progress throughout. If opting for our premium FTAS solution, Freedom Tech will put spare stock on site allowing you to instantly swap out a device whilst the broken device goes off for repair meaning there is no downtime for the student.

6. What is the cost to the school for running the programme?

There is no cost to a school as the programme is cost neutral and can also be spread over time by using an operating lease

7. What is available for families that qualify for Pupil Premium and Free School Meals?

Freedom Tech have the ability to open a separate portal for any parent who qualifies for Pupil Premium or Free school meals. The portal will consist of the same device bundle chosen however the pricing is normally subsidised by the school making the programme accessible to all. The amount of subsidy varies depending on the schools preference and will be agreed prior to opening the portal.

To understand if you qualify for free school meals check on our Free School Meals Eligibility tracker

8. Is this a compliant operating lease?

This is entirely down to the school/academy to determine, however we have had numerous programmes signed off by the ESFA and can put you in touch with reference sites upon request.