Integris G2

A school using the Integris G2 MIS can export a range of data using USO-AutoUpdate. There is no need for the school to install any software.

To get a school's Integris G2 MIS to work with AutoUpdate the school must do the following:

1.The school must enable RM Integris Datashare within the Integris G2 software settings.

2. The Head Teacher MUST go to the User Accounts >> AutoUpdate settings page in the support site and accept the reports before any data can be released.

(If reports are not accepted via the support site, AutoUpdate will not run)

To set up RM Integris Datashare, the following steps need to be taken:

1. Find RM Integris Datashare in the menu

2. Find AutoUpdate within the third party providers

3. Review the data being requested and click Grant Access

For the data exports to work successfully the permissions must be granted both within Integris G2 and on the AutoUpdate Settings page within the USO support site.

Once AutoUpdate has run for the first time, the school will need to check the outcome via the User Accounts >> Whole School Bulk Results section of the support site.