LGfL HomeProtect™

Launching Soon


Keeping children safe is in LGfL’s DNA and during school closures and home learning, we have not only continued our usual activities, provided support for Cloud Teaching and guidance for the related Safeguarding Considerations, but are now proud to announce HomeProtect™ – a new all-in-one solution for vulnerable and disadvantaged students to fully access online learning at home.

Complementing the Bridge the Divide project, LGfL HomeProtect™ provides the remaining parts of the home-learning jigsaw:

  • 4G connectivity and
  • supersafe web filtering

It’s easy to presume everyone has unfettered internet access in 2020, but it's not the case in many homes where students have no wifi and rely on limited data plans. This can seriously limit engagement in schoolwork, especially if video streaming is needed.

That’s why we are soon launching the lowest prices imaginable for connectivity in the home: there will be options for SIM only, SIM+dongle, SIM+MiFi device or SIM+router.

LGfL HomeProtect can also keep children safe online at home with our new schoolsafe web filtering - based on the same leading-edge technology used to protect school networks. This filter is nothing like the simple ‘family settings’ available from consumer ISPs and will be available for managed Windows devices, Chromebooks or iPads.

Our not-for-profit status, generous partners and economies of scale from thousands of school customers allow us to offer market-beating pricing, so click here to express an interest and receive an email when pricing / ordering is available (within the coming weeks).