Sophos Phish Threat

Phishing is a business, but it doesn’t stop at the school gate. If you are a busy teacher trying to sort as many emails as possible before the next lesson, it can be so easy to click on a suspicious email. Especially since they often don’t even look suspicious anymore.

We can’t all become cybersecurity gurus, so what’s the answer? Part of the solution may be the phishing simulation and training tool Sophos Phish Threat.

Free to all LGfL Broadband subscribers

Introduction to Sophos Phish Threat

Don't take the Bait! Top Tips to avoid phishing emails

Top Tips on how to avoid being phished!

How To Use Sophos Phish

Signing up for Sophos Phish

Most of our schools already use the other Sophos products available to the LGfL community, from antivirus to Intercept X and Server Advanced, but have you used your Sophos Phish Threat licences (100 for primaries, 300 for secondaries) yet?

Once activated, the tool sits within the same console you already use to manage your Sophos tools, from where you can select the users to take part in the phishing simulation, customise the campaign and analyse the results.

The process is not about shaming users but about supporting them to understand the many guises of phishing and what they can do about it next. Training for staff is a full part of the process, with over 60 interactive modules about specific threats.

Sophos Phish Threat is yet another cybersecurity service provided at no extra cost to schools to keep them safe and their data secure.

So why not watch the product overview video at the top of this page and share the video below to give your colleagues food for thought.

Case Studies

Sophos Phish Case Study

Find out why and how St Benedict's in Ealing chose to use Sophos Phish Threat to meet their training needs and how it transforms their cybersecurity at no extra cost.

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