LGfL is a Charitable Trust Whose Mission is the Advancement of Education

We don't profit from schools. We reinvest back into Education.

Our Passions Are:

Saving Schools Money

Keeping Children Safe

Tackling Inequality

Energising Teaching and Learning

Promoting Wellbeing

Our Impact:

We provide schools with licences worth more than £11 M per annum as part of their broadband subscription

Since 2014 we've identified more than £50 M in potential funding for free school meals

LGfL has twice won the Not for Profit Supplier of the Year to Education

LGfL has delivered some of the world's biggest implementations of Cloud Platforms

This year LGfL has delivered a potential boost worth around £43 Million to schools through procurement savings, cost avoidance and support for identifying children eligible for free school meals

Lawford Primary School

Lawford C of E Primary School in Manningtree (Essex) chose to join the National Grid for Learning when their Local Authority broadband service stopped. Members of the senior team and teachers explain why they chose LGfL and what they are looking forward to achieving.

Making the most of LGfL Services

The recent evolution of the LGfL service offer comes at a time when helping schools with procuring technical services is paramount. Increasingly schools are looking to LGfL to help with sharing their expertise in this key area.

LGfL Services

Free National Service for All Schools

We want every school to benefit from technology and great advice. This is why we're now offering free services to all schools.

This includes LGfL research, content , blogs and newsletters covering the National Curriculum, safeguarding, health & wellbeing and security advice.

All you need to do is sign up to our national services and you're part of the LGfL community!

Free Value Added Service for LGfL Connected Schools

If you're an LGfL school or MAT that is connected to our National Grid for Learning you can save more than you spend with LGfL.

With our market leading broadband service we bundle high quality products that schools need and have asked us for including:- Adobe Creative Cloud, Neverware, Sophos Intecept X, Meraki MDM, Malwarebytes, Secure Remote Access, Firewalls and DDoS Protection.

Bought in isolation these products would costs schools thousands and thousands of pounds over and above your broadband connection.

Treat your school or Multi Academy Trust to a broadband connection enabling you to save more than you spend and keep children safe!

Premium Services available to buy separately

These are brilliant products and services you can buy from LGfL.

Currently we offer broadband services, devices and financial services (including leasing) that ANY school can take advantage of.

Why Buy from LGfL?

Its simple! LGfL delivers fantastic value for money to schools because we buy in huge bulk for thousands of schools, saving millions of pounds every year.

And because we're a Central Purchasing Body you don't need to tender for the services your school or MAT can direct award to LGfL saving a lot of time and money.

Some of the worlds biggest education technology deployments have been delivered by LGfL and its partners for cloud services, connectivity and cybersecurity

Many of our projects have been recognised for excellence within the education sector and by our industry peers which underlines the benefits we're bringing to schools

And our projects are supporting the digital transformation and the advancement of education

Cheam Common Junior Academy - Winners of LGfL Digital Excellence Awards 2020

are using the cloud to make their work more efficient, make cost savings and for safeguarding (through a cloud-based safeguarding system). Their 1:1 Chromebook deployment in Year 4 and 5 has allowed great innovation in terms of pupils' learning experiences; Slides and Classroom are used consistently as the main teaching platform, being supported by LGfL and other third party applications.

Burnt Oak Junior School - Winners of LGfL Digital Excellence Awards 2020

use the Adobe tools in various subject areas and on any topic; the school newspaper (produced by Journalism Club) is a further example where they fully utilise the tools offered by Adobe Creative Cloud.

Our outcomes are powered by brilliant companies and charities that share our mission to advance education

Brilliant companies and charities that share our mission; Google, Microsoft, Virgin Media Business, Lenovo, Adobe, Cisco Meraki, Child Bereavement and more!

Supported by a Digital Transformation Partner Network who are doing brilliant technical work in schools and helping teachers and children get the most from their LGfL subscription