SmartBuy - LGfL buys for thousands of schools saving millions every year

LGfL's massive aggregated buying power means that we can offer fantastic pricing as well as bundling huge additional value into our broadband services which saves schools thousands of pounds every year

You don't have to tender when you buy from LGfL!

LGfL is a Central Procurement Body (CPB) and has already procured the goods and services on behalf of the thousands of customers it serves across the UK. This means that your school, MAT or other public body (e.g. a Local Authority) can direct award to LGfL and be procurement compliant. This can save your school or MAT a lot of time, money and effort.

More information about LGfL's special procurement status is set out in our Procurement Guide.

What you buy from LGfL

Buy LGfL Broadband with Supercharge girl carrying students into fast fibre internet

Connect to the National Grid for Learning with safe, secure and fast broadband.

Buy Devices, with LGfL's Bridge the Divide Guy bringing devices to underprivileged students

Save money on Chromebooks and Winbooks for your MAT and school.

Buy Disaster Recovery, with students data being backed up onto the cloud

Back your data up securely. Recover it quickly. Comply with GDPR.

Buy Web Filtering, allowing students to remotely learn safely

Support remote learning and keep children safe at home with school-safe web filtering technology.

Buy Adobe Creative Cloud with students getting access to latest creative software tools

Adobe Creative Cloud licences giving you access to the latest creative software tools.

Since 2001 we have been able to save schools cumulatively more than £300 million.