One of the strengths of LGfL is its ability to deliver economies of scale and save money through aggregated procurement. Following a compliant procurement undertaken by LGfL using a CCS framework, we're delighted to announce that we have struck a deal with O2 to deliver unlimited data SIMs with no small print on limits or throttling. 

Unlimited Data SIMs

O2 4G Unlimited data SIMs

LGfL's 4G SIM solution offers your school limitless data connection to your devices anywhere with -

O2 4G Data, Voice and Text SIMs 

LGfL's Limitless Data, Voice and Text SIM solution offers your school limitless data connection to your devices anywhere with - 

O2 Unlimited Voice and Text only SIMs

LGfL's Limitless Voice and Text only SIM offers your school limitless calls and texts with-

Mobile Data Connectivity Devices 

MiFi hotspots / 4G dongles are available to purchase alongside the 4G sim service, these will help keep all your #BridgeTheDivide devices connected anywhere (other existing compatible equipment is also suitable)

Alcatel Link Key 4G Dongle 

Alcatel Link Zone Mobile Wifi 

Why you don't need to tender with LGfL

LGfL is a Central Procurement Body (CPB) and has already procured the goods and services on behalf of the thousands of customers it serves across the UK. This means that your school, MAT or other public body (e.g. a Local Authority) can directly award to LGfL and be procurement compliant. This can save your school or MAT a lot of time, money, and effort. 

More information about LGfL's special procurement status is set out in our Procurement Guide.

Support and FAQs

Offer FAQs 

Who supplies the service? 

LGfL Mobile Data is provided by O2 

What is the data allowance?

SIMs are truly unlimited with no data cap and no throttling of the connection when you reach a certain limit 

Do you offer a coverage guarantee? 

Due to the nature of 4G services we are unable to offer a guarantee of coverage in individual locations. However, the O2 4G service covers 99% of the UK population with indoor coverage. Customers are advised to check the O2 Coverage Checker in advance of ordering. If you are experiencing ongoing issues after delivery, please contact us to discuss. 

How soon can I get the SIMs? 

Orders for below 50 SIMs and devices, not requiring labelling, should be delivered within 3 working days of receipt of the correctly completed order form and PO.  Orders for 51 – 400 SIMs should be delivered within 7 working days. Larger orders may take up to 12 working days to deliver. 

Can I use the LGfL data SIMs with my existing Mifi Device or SIM-enabled laptop? 

You can use the LGfL-provided O2 data SIMs in any devices that support data SIMs and are not locked to an alternative network 

Can I use the LGfL Data SIMs in the 4G routers provided by the DfE?  

You should be able to use the SIMs in any 4G router, dongle or MiFi unit that is not tied to a particular network. This includes those devices which were provided by the DFE and for which the SIM cards have now expired. Please see this link for how to reset the DFE devices to use with a new SIM card  

Can I use the LGfL data SIMs with the Chromebooks / Winbook I purchased under LGfL Bridge The Divide? 

The Lenovo Chromebook and Winbook 100e and 300e supplied under Bridge The Divide do not have a SIM card slot. To use the Mobile Data Service with these devices you will need to purchase MiFi Units or 4G Dongles.  

 Can the data SIMs be used internationally? 

SIMs are limited to UK domestic use only.

Does your service support e-SIM functionality?

We are able to support e-SIM. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What support will be provided by LGfL?

LGfL will provide support in the case of lost or damaged SIMS or faulty Mifi units within the warranty period. For technical assistance please refer to your IT Support team or 3rd Party Support provider 

What is the warranty on the MiFi units?

Mifi units come with 12 months manufacturer warranty as standard

Can you provide insurance, extended warranty or accidental damage cover for MiFi units? 

We are not currently able to offer these options 

Technical FAQs

What are the APN settings for Mobile Data (Non-Apple Devices)? 

APN settings for Mobile Data SIMS will usually be provisioned automatically, however, in the event you should need to set them up manually, the correct settings for most devices are as follows:

Name: O2 Internet


Proxy: Not Required

Port: Not Required

Username: o2web

Password: password

Server: Not Required



MMS proxy:

MMS port: 8080

MCC: 234

MNC: 10

Authentication type: Not Required/use the default value shown

What are the APN settings for Mobile Data on an Apple Device? 

APN settings for Mobile Data SIMS on an Apple Device will usually be provisioned automatically, however, in the event you should need to set them up manually, the correct settings are as follows:


Username: vertigo

Password:  password

If the device you are setting up is an iPad – A step by step guide can be found at the below link:!/device/apple/ipad-air-2-ipados-13/topic/internet-and-data/set-up-manually/1

What filtering is applied to LGfL Mobile Data SIMs?

LGfL Mobile Data SIMs are standard, unfiltered O2 data connections. In order to provide filtering and protection to users, we recommend the deployment of LGfL Home Protect on managed devices. Further details of this service can be found at

What do I need to do when I receive my SIM Cards? 

We recommend keeping a record of the SIM card numbers and who they will be issued to. You should then simply be able to insert them into your Mifi unit or other SIM-enabled devices to connect to the internet. 

Do the Mifi Units require configuration? 

Your MiFi devices come pre-configured, with the SSID written on them. All that you need to do is insert an activated SIM card and connect your device to the hotspot.

How do I connect my device to the mobile data service? 

Each Mifi Device has a unique SSID and password which is printed on the label. You should search for available wireless networks and connect using these credentials. 

How do I connect my Chromebook using a USB 4G Dongle?

If this does not work then further information on connecting Chromebooks to a mobile data network with a dongle can be found here:

Billing & Account Management FAQs

How do I keep track of my SIMs?  

At the point of order, you will be offered the opportunity to provide a list of names/references you would like to have recorded against the SIMs. You will be sent a list of SIMs and phone numbers matched to these names when your SIMs are dispatched. We strongly recommend keeping these records in case you need to contact us about an individual SIM card.

Can I manage my account / see my usage online  

There will be no self-service account administration available. At this stage. Please contact us through the Mobile Data Support form if you require any support.

 How will I be billed? 

You will be billed at the start of your contract for 12 months data usage in advance and any Mifi units purchased (on 30 day payment terms). You will then be billed annually.

What is the minimum term?

Data SIMs are offered on a minimum 12 month term. Contracts will automatically renew and you will be billed for a further 12 months unless notice to cancel is received 60 working days before the contract anniversary date.

Can I order additional SIMs / MiFi Units?

Yes. Please complete the Mobile Data Request form, indicating that you are already an LGfL Mobile Data Customer. Any additional SIMs ordered will be on a new 12 month minimum term.

Can I reassign a SIM to a new user?

Yes, please fill in the Mobile Data Support form providing details of the SIM or phone number, and letting us know the name of the new user you would like to have it recorded against.

Can you provide me with a list of the SIM cards / phone numbers we have with you?

Yes – please complete the mobile data support form and we will send you a list of all your live SIMs, along with the associated phone numbers and any user name or reference you asked us to associated? 

Order Problem FAQs 

What do I do if we lose a SIM Card?  

Please log an issue on our Mobile Data Support form providing the number of the lost SIM. We will then get this SIM card cancelled for you and a replacement will be dispatched by Royal Mail within 3 working days.

What do I do if a SIM card is damaged?  

Please complete the Mobile Data Support form providing the number of the lost SIM. We will then get this SIM card cancelled for you and a replacement will be dispatched by Royal Mail within 3 working days. Lost SIMs will be replaced free of charge, subject to fair usage. Should you need to order replacement hardware please do so via the mobile data quote form

 What do I do if cannot connect to my MiFi device or if it is faulty? 

In the first instance please check the coverage in your location and whether other devices are able to connect. If possible please also try the SIM in another device to see if it is the SIM or the hardware that is faulty.

If you believe that the hardware is faulty, please log any faults with us via our Mobile Data Support form, providing the IMEI number of the hardware and the nature of the issue. Please also provide the address to which you would like a replacement device delivered. You will need to have the faulty device available for collection by the courier that drops off your replacement. 

Additional FAQ for Voice 

Can I access mobile data services with the Voice and Text only SIM a pay by usage basis? 

There is no mobile data functionality available on the Voice and Text only SIM.

Can we get itemised billing / activity summaries?  

Due to the all-inclusive nature of the offer, it is not possible for us to provide itemised billing or call lists as standard.  

Are the packages truly all-inclusive?  

Premium-rate services and international calling are barred. All other UK calls and texts are included subject LGfL fair-usage policy.  

Is international roaming included?  

Roaming in the ‘Europe Zone’ as defined by O2  is included in your allowance. However, roaming is barred on all SIMS by default so you will need to contact us to enable it for individual users. 

Roaming outside of the ‘Europe Zone’ is possible but will require the purchase of a ‘Rest of World Pass’ at an additional charge. Please contact us to arrange. If roaming outside Europe Zone occurs without the purchase of the ‘Rest of the World Pass’ then charges will apply in line with the fair usage policy below. 

What is the fair-usage policy on the all-inclusive voice contract?  

LGfL reserves the right to pass charges onto customers where non-inclusive spend exceeds more than 5% of the total monthly package charges on your contract in any rolling 3 month period. Charges will be at the standard O2 rates for these calls. Non-inclusive calls include non-geographic UK numbers, call forwarding services and calls to Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.  

Can we have multiple invoices for different teams / cost centres?  

All contracts are billed upfront on a single invoice per purchase order. It may be possible to split the invoice into lines based on your specified cost-centre attribution. Please let us know at the point of order if you would like us to do this.  

Can we port existing numbers when we switch to your service?  

Yes. Please let us know at the point of order if you wish to port numbers. We will request the relevant PAC codes from you at the appropriate stage. For orders with a significant number of ported numbers, an O2 project manager will be appointed to help manage the migration process.  

We have a large number of connections to provision. Can we have staggered activation dates?  

This should be possible. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  

We have a large deployment with staggered activation dates. How will the 12-month billing and minimum term work in this case?  

We will work with you to agree on a deployment programme where a large quantity of activations are involved. To keep things as simple as possible, your contract anniversary date will be set to the average connection date for SIMS on your order.  

Can you provide mobile phone handsets? 

LGfL Voice SIMs are intended as a SIM-only service. You will be able to use the SIM cards in any compatible phone that has been previously used with O2, or is not locked to a network.

Can we reuse existing mobile phone handsets with your SIMS?  

Yes, you can use any handset that is not locked to a network other than O2. If you have locked handsets, your current provider should be able to provide a quotation for unlocking them.

Will our staff be eligible for O2 Priority Rewards? 

Yes. All voice SIMS are eligible for the O2 Priority Rewards Scheme.