When Ofsted Inspects Safeguarding

Are you ready for Ofsted?

The school inspection handbook lists what you need to have ready on the day. But like safeguarding in general, preparing for Ofsted must not be a tickbox exercise and is about far more than just a checklist. This page (we are adding to it currently) is designed to be a handy overview of things to think about all through the school year.

Read on for links to helpful advice and videos from schools who share their experience with the safeguarding element of the Ofsted inspection. How can you combine your efforts to keep children safer (because you want to, not just because you have to) with efforts to make sure that Ofsted sees the evidence it needs?

Let us know what would be useful to see on this page as we add to it.

In May 2022 we met the Stoke Park School designated safeguarding lead after 3 Ofsted visits in the past year (pilot post-covid inspection, standard inspection and a visit linked to the local authority).

This video takes you step by step through the whole journey, from 'the phone call' through both days of the inspection to grading. Find out step by step what happened from start to finish:

  • Which elements were probed and how

  • What questions were asked, including the unexpected

  • Who inspectors engaged with around the school/how

  • What steps you might take to be best prepared

Then watch the clips below with different insights.

Click here to read our overview of safeguarding-related changes to Ofsted inspections from the April 2021 handbook updates

But what does Ofsted say?

This video of a session with two HMIs in the North-West region gives the Ofsted perspective of what they want to see in terms of a culture of safeguarding.

Here are some more videos to help you prepare for the safeguarding element of an Ofsted inspection. If you are a DSLs who has been inspected and can share your experience, we would really like to hear from you.

What does Ofsted look at in the safeguarding part of an inspection?

How can you prepare for Ofsted throughout the year?

What does Ofsted look for in relation to online safety?