When Ofsted Inspects Safeguarding


Ofsted inspections cause lots of anxiety for school staff, especially when it comes to safeguarding. We have created two resources to help prepare and hopefully therefore reduce anxiety.

Inspectors are looking to see a culture of safeguarding and a whole-school (not tickbox) approach; but what does that mean in practice and how can you work towards this? Click below to view either:

  • key mentions of safeguarding in the Inspection Handbook, followed by questions for self-review and resources to support you with these areas

  • 12 short videos from a DSL who has recently been through three Ofsteds, giving an overview of what they focussed on, what the process looked like, what was asked in meetings and how inspectors interacted with staff and students

Governors - you may also find the sections above helpful to understand the role of Ofsted when it comes to safeguarding. Ofsted has published some videos around Ofsted and Governors here (not all safeguarding-related).