Safer Internet Day is on 7 February - what are you planning? Read on for some ideas:

Our ideas this year are all about empowering schools, parents and pupils to have a conversation, make a change and ultimately stay safer online:

Ideas and parent email template

Use our video lesson / assembly

We made the video below for last year's SID but if you haven't used it already, it will work just as well this year - have a look - it gives you a ready-made 20 minute lesson or assembly where our schools hosts present questions to discuss as a class, top answers from the pupils of All Saints Benhilton Primary to tell us what they think, plus a gaming scenario to watch....and even a singalong! 

According to St Dunstan's Primary:

" The children were very engaged and there was a lot of excited chatter in the room. They learnt the importance of respect and who to turn to if they needed help. It was great for them to be reminded of these important messages by their peers - the children really took to it. "

Teachers - read this first!

Here are some teacher notes - please read them before showing the video:

► the focus is on gaming and staying safe online

it is aimed at 7 - 11 year olds (that's KS2 in Eng / Wales, Y4-7 in NI and P4-7 in Scotland) 

the video includes an extract from our 'Going too Far' and our 'Undressed' song (very relevant in the light of the latest news). Content warning - the themes covered are realistic and important and age-appropriate. We do not consider them to be scary but please be aware that game-play footage is shown, plus a text message implying violence (not at all graphic) and how to respond to that, plus mention of getting undressed online (nothing explicit or scary or talking about motives etc, but please be aware. If you want to check those particular bits first, watch from 6m49-11m10 / 14m-16m46

the video is in YouTube but we've tested it and it even works in strict restricted mode

it is just under 20 minutes, including discussion times (decide in advance how you want to do that - pairs/groups/as a class?)

you can read the discussion questions here if you want to be prepared first - they have 1 or 2-minute countdowns but if you need longer, just press pause

features pupil voices - it is hosted exclusively by amazing pupils from All Saints Benhilton Primary and we would like to give them a big thank you and tell them they are amazing! Why not tweet them to tell them how great they are (remember to tag @LGfLDigiSafe too 😉)? 

What next?

Let us know how it went and what you think. And remember, every day is Safer Internet Day and safeguarding never sleeps.. 

It's vital we keep protecting and teaching children and young people all year round. So why not spend some more time on the resources shared above, and if you don't already make the most of our live training service, we would love to see you there. 

Plus there's self-service online CPD materials and signposting. And to make sure you don't miss out, follow us on Twitter / Facebook and sign up to our newsletter