LGfL Support Site

A short guide on getting started with the LGfL Support Site

Logging on to the LGfL Support Site

Open a browser, go to www.support.lgfl.net and click on the blue padlock. This will take you to a page where you must enter your USO account details (user name and password).

Finding out the progress of your new LGfL service deployment.

Once logged in, click on the "My Account" drop down menu and select "LGfL Deployment". If you manage multiple site, you will need to select the correct site from the drop-down lists.

You will then see a number of tabs: Overview, Contacts, Virgin Media, IP Addresses, Firewall and Mail Relay, Equipment, Documents, FAQ.

These tabs give all the information that is held about your site. Please check this information for accuracy and omissions as this could impact upon your final installation.

    • Overview provides a summary of the key information relating to the deployment of the LGfL broadband connection at your site.

    • Contacts lists the key contacts for the school and their respective roles. This needs to contain the relevant people to be contacted regarding the installation.

    • Virgin Media, as well as listing the various steps taken leading up to installation, provides a section which allows schools to provide further information of relevance to Virgin Media and any subsequent installation. Please enter the information requested as this will help Virgin Media to plan the installation and take into consideration any special local factors.

    • IP Addresses provides a summary of the IP address ranges allocated to the site.

    • Firewall and Mail Relay provides a summary of any special MIPs which have been implemented as well as specified Firewall settings applied to the site.

    • Equipment lists the equipment provided by LGfL as part of the broadband connection together with serial numbers

    • Documents contains electronic versions of key documents, including the sign-off document completed during installation

    • FAQ contains a large number of questions and answers relating to the more technical aspects of the LGfL service. Technical staff supporting schools are advised to read this section carefully.

Raising a case on the LGfL Support Site

The process of requesting help from the Help Desk is always referred to as “raising a support case” and is done via the LGfL Support Site where a full history and audit trail is then stored.

  1. Log into the LGfL Support Site as described above.

  2. Click on the "Service Desk" tab

  3. Select "Raise an Issue" from the menu.

  4. Follow the steps required on each page, providing details of the issue

  5. You will be required to choose a Topic for the case from a list and provide a description of the issue you are raising.

  6. Any time your case receives an update, an email will automatically be generated to the person who raised the case. Emails will be sent to the email address which has been registered to your LGfL user account.

When a case is concluded you are invited to close the case on your own initiative. If a LGfL Support Desk staff member believes that the issues raised in case have been resolved, then an “Intent to Close (ITC)” status update will be applied. The case will then be closed automatically if either of the following conditions is met:

  1. The case has not been updated for 30 days following the posting of the Intent to Close

  2. The case has not been updated for 2 working days after the person who raised the case has read the Intent to Close.

Seeking advice by phone

You will be required to raise a support case online if you need the Help Desk to make any changes. However, if you simply need general advice on technical and service matters this can be provided via the telephone support line – call 020 8255 5555 and select option 3 to speak to a support engineer.

A case maybe raised regarding the matter being discussed if, for example, a more detailed investigation of an issue is required (particularly where the case needs to be escalated to engineers at various levels and occasionally representing different organisations) but many issues can be resolved without such a step being required.

Accessing the online Support Site User Guide

The Support Site User Guide documents the functionality available in the LGfL Support Site. To access the Guide, a blue button in the top right corner of the Support Site will take you to the documentation regarding the page from which the Guide is accessed. You can always use the menu on the left to select a different topic when needed.

Creating a new user account via the Support Site

New user accounts can be created manually, online, at any time.

Please be aware if that user is going to be recorded in your MIS and your school is exporting data from the MIS directly you do not need to create accounts manually. In such situations, any user recorded in the MIS should automatically have an account created for them by the following day.

To create an account:

  1. Log in to the USO Support Site as described previously.

  2. Click on the "User Account" tab

  3. Select "User Request (single)".

  4. Fill in the required fields marked with a red asterisk.

Although the mobile number field has no asterisk, it is very important that this is filled in as it enables the automation of secure password delivery.

After the form is submitted you should receive an email stating the new USO account has been created. The newly created user’s details can be checked following this confirmation by accessing the "User accounts" > "User list/search" section within the Support Site.

Training Courses provided by LGfL

LGfL offer training to schools covering a range of topic, for further detail, please visit https://www.lgfl.net/training/