StaffMail is a Microsoft Exchange-based service available to all staff and school Governors in LGfL schools. Access to the email service is via USO accounts. Logging into a StaffMail account using Microsoft Outlook, users will be provided with the full functionality of a Microsoft Exchange account, offering email, personal and shared calendars, plus personal and shared address books.

StaffMail is available to all LGfL schools as part of their LGfL subscription.

Why StaffMail?

  • Full Microsoft Exchange functionality

  • Accessible from mobile devices

  • 20GB of mailbox space as standard

  • Highly resilient, hosted Microsoft Exchange platform

  • Inbound and outbound email scanned by MailProtect service

  • Support for personal and shared calendars and address books

  • Support for aliases and shared mailboxes based on schools' own domains

  • DNS Service with support for email domain configuration

Access via web browser and mobile devices

When accessing the service with a web browser (via Outlook Web Access), PDA or other mobile device, users will receive an experience tailored by the application or the device. Each account includes 20GB of mailbox space, and is filtered for viruses, spam and inappropriate content.

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